Doug Austin

Computers, Photography, and Mathematics

Web sites that I sometimes use in class:

Most often used sites as of August 2015:

Purplemath-Go to the bottom of the page for Advanced Topics
She Loves Math-Go to Advanced and PreCalculus
Paul Dawkins Lamar University
Binomial Multiplier
Rossman Chance Applets-statistics/probability
Plane Grapher 3D derivative
Calculus Applets

Quicktime Graphs-polar
Venn Diagram
Transformation-Trig functions
Trig Graphing Online
  1. More often used sites:
  2. Some good online graphing tools:
  3. A good site for historical and biographical information:
  4. Another powerful, all inclusive site:
  5. Sites with java applets :
  6. A good site for statistics:
  7. A calculus derivative exercise to show the relationship between distance , velocity and acceleration:
  8. A good overall educational site:
  9. Another site for general use:
  10. Logarithmic and Exponential Functions
  11. Basic help through precalculus:
  12. Polar and other curves:
  13. Conic Sections
  14. Sequences and Series
  15. Astronomy
  16. Probablility and Statistics
  17. Vectors
  18. Parametric Equations
            Graphing with Java
            Basic Parametric Equations vs Cartesian vs Vectors including Velocity Information
            Another Explanation from Physics
  19. Miscellaneous
  20. Geometry
    Circle Geometry-Angle and Length Relationships
    Trapezoid parallel sides-diagonal component measures
    Complementary/Supplementary/Vertical/Alternate Angles
    Centroid, Orthocenter, Circumcenter, and Incenter
    Compass and Ruler Construction
    Circle Geometry Proofs
    Perpendicular Chord Through Center
    Intersecting Chords Theorem
    Intersecting Lines Circle Angle Relationships
    Online Triangle Drawing
    Online Polygon Drawing
    General Info Plus Drawing
    Cut the Knot
  21. Linear Programming Problems and Procedures
    Analyze Math
    Java Applet for Solving
  22. Trigonometry
    Unit Circle Definition to Function Animation
    Law of Cosines Derivation Video
    Law of Sines Derivation Video
    Sine of Sum of Two Angles Derivation Video
    Trigonometry Animation Keypress
    Trig Period Animation
    Online Oscilloscope
    Wave Applet
    Sperical Trigonometry and Here
    Oscilloscope Download
    Trig Graphing Online
    Word Problems
    Word Problems2
    Word Problems3
  23. Polynomials
    a. Word Problems
    b. Purple Math-All topics
    c. Purple Math-Word Problems
    d. Factoring1
    e. Factoring2
    f. Binomial Theorem Factoring Extended (Multinomial)
    g. Upper and Lower Bounds of Roots
    h. More Multinomial Expansion
    i. Descarte Rule of Signs-See bottom of page
    j. Rene Descartes Historical
    k. Rene Descartes Bio
    l. Difference of Odd/Even Powers
    m. Descartes Rule of Signs w/ Calculator
    n. Factoring into two Trinomials
    o. Descarte Rule of Sign Practice
    p. Difference of Perfect Cubes Practice
    q. Polynomial General Practice
    r. Polynomial General Practice
    s. Desmos Online Graphing Calculator
    t. Polynomial Calculator-Factor/Expand
    u. Mathportal-Online Calculators/Graphing
    v. Vertex of Parabola
  24. Physics
    Units of Work and Energy
    Projectile Motion
  25. Ti-Nspire Regression
  26. Matrices
    Gauss Jordan Elimination-Calculator
    Gauss Jordan Elimination
    Gaussian Elimination
  27. Functions
    Domain and Range
    Zipf's Law Applet (Wolfram Alpha)
    Zipf's Law Population NY Times
    Word Frequency Formula(Wolfram Alpha)
  28. Word Problems
    Relative Mixture Percentage
  29. Proof by Induction
    Khan Academy
    University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne
    The Math Page
  30. Complex Numbers
    Use Article 1
    Use Article 2
    Use Article 3
    Use in Differential Equations
  31. Logic
    Regents Prep
    Logic Symbols
  32. Precalculus Final Exam Study
    Paul Dawkins-Most Topics
    Purplemath-Most Topics
    She Loves Math