Doug Austin

Computers, Photography, and Mathematics

Web sites that I sometimes use in class:
  1. My bread and butter site:
  2. Some good online graphing tools:
  3. A good site for historical and biographical information:
  4. Another powerful, all inclusive site:
  5. Sites with java applets :
  6. A good site for statistic applets:
  7. A calculus derivative exercise to show the relationship between distance , velocity and acceleration:
  8. A good overall educational site:
  9. Another site with overwhelming potential:
  10. Logarithmic and Exponential Functions
  11. Basic help through precalculus:
  12. Polar and other curves:
  13. Conic Sections
  14. Sequences and Series
  15. Probablility and Statistics
  16. Vectors
  17. Miscellaneous